Turning population health into personalized care™

Amalgam develops digital therapies that combine
clinical and behavioral interventions to engage, support
and improve the lives of the millions of patients living
with chronic disease.


Our team of physicians, behaviorists, technologists, data scientists , and commercial experts have been pioneering in the field of digital health for over a decade. Amalgam understands the full life cycle from R&D to Commercialization.


By harnessing the power of data science, machine learning, clinical and behavioral protocols, sensor integration, and other state-of-the art technology, Amalgam’s plaForm seeks to change population health into personalized care.


At its core, Amalgam believes in partnering with life sciences companies to accelerate the development and commercialization of clinically-validated and regulatory-cleared solutions targeted to support specific chronic conditions.


Our Mission

Living with a chronic disease is hard and complex. Different patients face different challenges; there is no one size fits all. Often, the daily decisions patients make have an enormous impact on the outcomes of their disease.

We think digital therapies can help. Amalgam is using scientifically-proven behavioral frameworks and clinical interventions to engage patients and support providers. By leveraging technology, we can begin to create one-to-one relationships with patients, delivering the specific tools and support they need to get the best outcomes.

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The World’s First
Titration App
all Basal Insulins

We promise to be honest with you. That means
transparency on scientific research, product
histories and sourcing.



Includes clinically-validated


Allows for complete customization
by a Provider


Engages patients through
guidance and support