The Pioneers of Digital Medicine

Amalgam’s leading the charge to improve clinical and behavioral outcomes for chronic disease management. We’re changing population health into personalized care by combining traditional therapies with best-in-class digital interventions.

Amalgam’s Proven
Development Methodology

We always start with the end in mind -- what types of outcomes do we want to achieve when developing a new product? It’s a simple philosophy that is rooted in finding ways to improve the lives and management of people with chronic conditions.

Digital Medicine Building Blocks

Different chronic conditions inevitably require different interventions. However, the “mechanisms of action” for patient self-management are usually similar. Amalgam leverages its core platform elements to customize solutions across the chronic disease domain.

Delivery Device(s)

The technology and UI/UX components comprise the “Delivery Mechanism” for Digital Medicines. They must be optimized for optimal effect.

Digital Medicine(s)

The interventions and analysis constitute the “Mechanism of Action” for Digital Medicines. They must be tailored and personalized to achieve the best outcomes.

Our Products

The World’s First Titration App Supporting all Basal Insulins.

If you’re starting on basal insulin or are using basal insulin but haven’t reached your fasting glucose targets, talk to your doctor about getting a prescription for iSage Rx.

We know using basal insulin can be scary and we’re here to help!

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Give yourself a break

Does your psoriasis have you feeling stressed or worn out? If so, try Allay™. Allay is a single source for information, tools, and support, with a key focus on stress management.

We know how hard it can be to live with Psoriasis. Allay’s evidence-based activities are designed to give you the support you need.


Amalgam is led by a team of experienced entrepreneurs and pioneers in the field of Digital Medicine. Its team of physicians, behaviorists, technologists, data scientists, and commercial experts understand the full life cycle from R&D to Commercialization.

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