Discover the true power of your EHR.

Leverage our EHR Solutions Platform "Avhana," to drive quality, increase savings, and improve workflow.

Integrated seamlessly into the EHR, our solutions empower providers to deliver higher quality care and mitigate low-value care. Each of our EHR solutions can be installed with just a few clicks and only implements rules providers opt-in to. Plus, health systems can easily turn on rules, regardless of EHR, even if multiple EHRs are being used.

Leverage our capabilities to enhance yours.

Our EHR solution only implements rules providers opt in to, and the personalized advisories can incorporate any specific patient's medical history, insurance information, and even their digital health data.

Enable EHR-based treatment journey mapping.

Develop new clinical algorithms.

Integrate PRO with EHR data to enhance the power of DTx and PSP solutions.

Point-of-care solutions, including patient identification, clinical trial recruitment, care guidelines, financial assistance, eConsent, ePRO, and eClinical trial enablement.