Reliable experience.
Relentless innovation.

At Amalgam, we’ve never been afraid to be the first. Our leadership team has nearly two decades of experience developing, clearing, and deploying groundbreaking EHR solutions, patient support digital health programs, and SaMD Digital Therapeutics that transform care delivery.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower patients and providers to make the best healthcare decisions possible.


An exceptional blend of art, science, and technology

An exceptional blend of art, science, and technology

We create and distribute digital products that are often regulated, including digital medicine, patient identification, clinical decision support, clinical trial recruiting, and more.

Our modular platform enables rapid solution creation and is directly integrated in the EHR workflow - allowing for rapid scale across health systems and around the world.

Today, Amalgam's algorithms and applications support nearly 10 million patients across 4 continents and have helped providers make over 50 million decisions.


Meet our Executive Team and our Board of directors.

Ryan Sysko
Chief Executive Officer
Chris Bergstrom
Dr. Suzanne Clough, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Matti Prasad
Chief Technology Officer
Jennifer Main
Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer
Bharath Sudharsan
Chief Data Scientist and Head of AI
Jeff Courtney
Board Member
Jane Buus Laursen
Board Observer
Sonny Vu
Board Member