Dr. Suzanne Clough, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Prior to founding Amalgam Rx, Dr. Clough was the Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer of WellDoc. Under Dr. Clough’s guidance, WellDoc developed the first clinically-validated, FDA-cleared, prescribed, and reimbursed software application for type 2 diabetes management. She is considered an SME in digital health behavioral and clinical frameworks and has extensive product development experience across the chronic disease domain. Prior to founding WellDoc, Dr. Clough, an internist, and endocrinologist by training was the founder and Medical Director at the Center for Weight Management and Wellness at the University of Maryland’s Medical Center (UMMC). While at UMMC, she was responsible for developing and managing the medical management protocols for the Center for Weight Management and Wellness, developing public service campaigns aimed at fighting obesity, providing clinical care for patients with general endocrinology issues and diabetes, and participating in the medical education of students, residents, and fellows.