Amalgam Rx Acquires Adaptive, Conversational, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Assets. Investment Expands Amalgam’s Ability to Deliver Empathetic and Engaging AI-Based Behavioral and Clinical Interventions.

WILMINGTON, DE — May 19, 2021 —Amalgam Rx, Inc., the leader in connecting healthcare providers and life sciences companies through a SaaS-enabled digital marketplace and product platform, is announcing the acquisition of the assets of Geetha, LLC, an adaptive, conversational AI company. The acquisition bolsters Amalgam’s data science assets, which already include more than 6 billion longitudinal data points on millions of patients cared for across Amalgam’s technology platforms.


Founded in 2014, Geetha boasts a collection of AI models that target the psychosocial and behavioral understanding of stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem; by establishing learning algorithms to support intervention frameworks, Geetha delivers engaging behavior-change-tailored content using cutting edge Natural Language Understanding and Reinforcement Learning. With this transaction, Amalgam acquires Geetha’s turnkey psychosocial engine (personality, moods, motivators, etc.) in 40 languages, algorithms to collect contextual data via chat, AI-based chat model and platform to create low-no code virtual personalized agents, motivational content, common sense ontology for a rich understanding of a user’s life, and learning algorithms to respond to interactions and improve intervention framework. Geetha’s founder, Bharath Sudharsan, will join the Amalgam executive team as its chief data scientist and head of AI.


“Next-gen AI can deeply understand, empathize, and adapt to each person, almost like a real human friend, with the added benefits of 24/7 availability and expertly curated and safe feedback within a judgment-free space. Every time a patient connects, its rapport, relationship, and level of support can get so much better. When we combine this new AI with Amalgam’s impressive clinical, technology, and regulatory platform/capabilities, it can lead to a deeper level of empathetic engagement, which, in turn can effect lasting change and outcomes,” said Bharath Sudharsan, newly appointed chief data scientist and head of AI of Amalgam Rx.


“The future of digital health is in delivering highly personalized, scalable, and engaging interventions that learn and adapt over time based on an individual's needs; big data and AI form the foundation of this future. We’re thrilled to acquire Geetha’s AI assets and have Bharath join our team,” said Ryan Sysko, chief executive officer and founder of Amalgam Rx. 


“Winning digital health solutions of the future will seek to treat the human and not just the patient. Incorporating empathy into patient management is a highly effective and powerful tool to build trust and enhance patient outcomes. It’s an important frontier in the digital health space as emerging AI technologies enable a deeper level of understanding and connection with people,” said Suzanne Clough, MD, chief medical officer of Amalgam Rx.


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