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At Amalgam, we believe digital medicine and patient support has the power to address systemic gaps that currently leave too many patients behind.

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Our mission is to completely reimagine care delivery and create lasting change across the ecosystem.

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As part of our diverse and talented team, you’ll start work every day with an opportunity to break new ground and fuel a brighter future for healthcare through innovative digital health technologies that improve clinical outcomes and change lives. Experience a rare opportunity to work in an agile company while partnering globally with the world’s leading life sciences companies

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Our team has proven experience in digital health. We challenge each other, learn from each other, and have fun together. We seek brilliant minds and passionate individuals to help us realize our vision.

If you believe in the limitless potential for digital medicine to increase access, strengthen outcomes, and reduce costs… and if you’ve never been afraid to go first, then we want to team with you.

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The Position: Senior Customer Success Manager

Company: Amalgam Rx, Inc.

Company Overview:

At Amalgam Rx, our mission is to empower the reimagination of therapies and care delivery across the ecosystem. By leveraging our digital platform, marketplace, and over 5 billion RWE data points, we bring together the world’s leading life sciences companies and thousands of providers to change lives.

We create, implement, and distribute exceptional digital products, including patient identification, digital medicine, patient support programs, combination products, clinical decision support tools, trial recruiting, e-consent, and more. Our platform makes it easy to build and scale solutions in health systems and across the life sciences life cycle, from R&D to commercialization.

Our management team has over a century of combined digital health experience. We have deployed clinically validated, and often regulated, technologies across three continents reaching millions of patients. Together, with our partners, we have increased access to care, optimized clinical decisions, and supported patients in their journey to dramatically strengthen outcomes and reduce costs.

As part of our diverse and talented team, you’ll come to work every day with an opportunity to break new ground and fuel a brighter future for healthcare through innovative technologies. And you’ll have fun doing it.  If you believe in the limitless potential for digital medicine, we want to work with you.

You will be part of the Avhana Health team, which recently became an AmalgamRX company. Avhana is the leading clinical decision support platform in the marketplace. Leading medical groups and health systems use our technology to improve the quality of care and reduce healthcare costs.

Job Purpose: The Senior Customer success manager (CSM) will be responsible for managing relationships with our provider customers. This role’s primary focus is to be the point of contact with our customers and ensure they are maximizing the value they achieve. The Senior CSM will be working closely with our large enterprise customers (top 15 health systems) and small and medium size medical groups. The CSM will bring with them direct experience and knowledge from working within the healthcare industry with an emphasis on value-based care. The Senior CSM reports directly to the General Manager of Avhana. 

Over time, as we grow out the team, the Senior CSM would act as a mentor to other members of the growing Customer Success team.

Position Type: Full-time position, required 40 hours per week

Job responsibilities:

  •  Build strong relationships with our executive team's members of our enterprise customers
  •  Understand new areas of expansion with our customers
  •  Run monthly touch base meetings with enterprise customers
  •  Be the first point of contact for all our customers, and work with the greater Avhana team advocating for the resolution of customer issues. 
  •  Generate customer facing presentations at multiple points during the customer journey. 
  •  Work with customers to understand feature requests and product enhancement. 
  •  Utilizing business intelligence tools to understand customer behavior and help implement best practices. 
  • Mentor new customer success team members 

Desired Attributes:

  • 8+ years of experience in a customer-facing role in the healthcare industry.
  • Experience working with EHR or other tools to support the VBC journey 
  • Demonstrated experience working with clinical staff and health system C-Suite.

Knowledge & Experience: Startup experience of a growing customer success teams 

Required Education:  Bachelor's degree in engineering, science, nursing, business or related field. 

Compensation Benefits: Amalgam Rx offers competitive compensation, outstanding benefits, plus equity ownership for all employees.

The Position: Senior / Associate Director / Director of Product Management, Diabetes

Company: Amalgam Rx, Inc.

Department: Commercial

Company Overview:

Amalgam is a digital health technology company that develops mobile solutions to drive behavioral and clinical change in chronic disease. Amalgam’s goal is to improve patient self-management and help healthcare providers improve decision making to improve clinical outcomes and decrease cost. Amalgam is developing multiple digital health solutions across the chronic disease spectrum. Digital health solutions have the potential to support the gap between patients and providers during the time that individuals are living their lives outside the healthcare system. Amalgam has a proven executive team and has partnerships with leading life sciences companies to accelerate R&D and commercialization.

Job Purpose: The purpose of this job is to provide strong, competent, and creative product management leadership for the diabetes product platform at Amalgam Rx. The diabetes product platform is distributed globally and includes software, hardware, and complex system integrations across healthcare and business enterprises. The role provides an opportunity to build on a substantial Amalgam Rx core competency in developing regulated Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) and Prescription Digital Therapeutic (PDTx) products. Amalgam Rx has a legacy of success in achieving patient behavioral change, and creative application of mobile technology and UI / UX functionality. Our products deliver a new level of patient experience, particularly in terms of amount and variety of content available for a patient to access, and degree of patient personalization. This is a unique opportunity for persons seeking to apply traits of creativity, courage, and leadership, supported by a team of successful serial entrepreneurs and pioneers in the field of digital medicine, to achieve an industry high water mark in DTx, a field poised to explode in a post COVID-19 world.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for the creation, validation, optimization, evolution, and maintenance of the diabetes product roadmap.
  • Accountable for the delivery of high-quality inputs for product development; particularly the articulation and prioritization of customer requirements (waterfall context) and/or customer jobs-to-be-done (Agile context).
  • Accountable for all inbound product lifecycle activities for the diabetes product platform, including identification of customer needs, articulation of business requirements / Key Performance Indicators (KPI), assessment, and articulation of HECON / market potential, and strategic analysis of competitors and possible entrants.
  • Responsible for supporting R&D in the creation, testing, and iteration of diabetes product concepts, resolution of requirement trade-offs, and the prioritization and management of the product development backlog.

Day-to-Day Activities:

  • Driving the creation of inbound product development inputs.
  • Driving decisions about customer requirements, HECON, VOC, and other market research, product line extensions, product pricing, and product obsolescence.
  • Interacting with outbound marketing counterparts to evaluate product performance, sales, customer complaints, and new market requirements.
  • Collaborating with R&D to optimize product-market fit.
  • Developing and maintaining strong relationships with external stakeholders including healthcare providers, disease specialists, pharma partners, HECON experts, and technology SMEs.
  • Implementing and supporting advisory boards, reference site programs, and concept development relationships as appropriate

Required Qualifications:

  • Bachelor's degree in engineering, science, or business.
  • 5+ years' progressive product management responsibility, with experience in new product development and influencing clinical decision making.
  • 10+ years of relevant business experience in product management, R&D, marketing, or sales.
  • Product management or other related experience in a healthcare provider, digital health, or healthcare IT business.
  • Familiarity with the healthcare ecosystem, including business models (FFS & VBC), key stakeholders (providers, payors, pharmacies, and labs), and relevant statutory and regulatory drivers.
  • Experience with managing and optimizing the business outcomes of products currently in the market.
  • Experience with early-stage inbound/upstream work, including VOC, market research, opportunity assessment, business case development ("how we win"), competitive analysis, financial modeling, HECON / reimbursement, and business plan creation.
  • Experience working in a dynamic, early-stage / start-up environment.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Knowledge and experience with Agile techniques: creating epics, stories, and spikes; sprint planning; and managing and prioritizing backlog.
  • Agile-specific certifications, particularly Product Owner.
  • Strong clinical knowledge and aptitude related to diabetes care; comfortable working with physicians and other HCPs.
  • Strong technical aptitude; comfortable working with engineers, IT, and Biomed stakeholders.
  • Demonstrated cross-functional teamwork experience, with evidence of ability to interact effectively with marketing, sales, engineering, regulatory, finance, legal, manufacturing, and operations teams to create business impact.
  • Aptitude for and experience in presenting business opportunities to C level leadership; internal and external.
  • Pharma industry experience.
  • Master's degree or MBA.

Position Type: Full time position requires 40+ hours

Compensation Benefits: Amalgam offers competitive compensation, outstanding benefits, plus equity ownership for all employees.